Frequently Asked Questions - Estate Sales

FAQs - Estate Sales

ACE Estate Sales holds itself up to the highest standards of estate sale practices.   Our philosophy is that we work for our client to get them the most money possible in a 2-4 day period.  We inspect all items in your home, find items of higher value, get appropriate appraisers in when needed and price items accordingly.  We set up the sale quickly, handle all advertising, write receipts for each transaction, hire necessary people to work the sale. Money is paid within 10 days of the sale including copies of sales receipts/sales, and an excel spreadsheet with totals of all receipts.   

First and foremost, DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY!! I cannot stress this enough to my clients.  Just because you do not believe it is valuable, doesn’t mean it’s not.  People collect just about everything.  I’ve had clients throw away or donate costume jewelry, old pictures, old Valentines cards, military items, vintage clothing, food….we sell it all…even rocks!  You are throwing away money!!  

Yes you can, but I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard of families doing their own sales and selling gold watches for $2 (gold melt would be $600 or more), fine art for $5, vases worth $10,000 for $25, etc.  You think you are saving money, but you are losing money.

We also know how to advertise to get the right people there for your items.  We have a following and a database of customers that we specifically advertise to. 

Also beware that you must get the right company, there are many pop up companies that don’t know what they are doing, they will slap any old price on items…do your homework!  A lower percentage is not necessarily good…you get what you pay for.

Believe it or not, when you are there you slow us down.  It is hard to work quickly and efficiently when we are constantly asked questions, talked to, and told stories about all the items in the sale.  We pay our workers by the hour and we need them to work.

Most clients get emotional when they see strangers rummaging through their life long collections of personal items.  Also, customers who are often friends/co-workers or neighbors of the clients will turn to you for better prices or to try to get items for free.  Furthermore, neighbors/co-workers and friends come to chat, wish their condolences or view the house, which often causes congestion in the home which hinders the sale.  For me to run the sale efficiently, and get the most money that I can for the estate, it is best if you are not at the sale.

There are clients that bring 4-6 kids.  Children can be a distraction.  If we let one in, we have to let all in.  We cannot discriminate.  It is best to keep this a strict rule.  Unfortunately, we have caught children stealing and some have even said, “Is this the place we can steal, Mommy?”  Sad isn’t it.  Just this week another estate sale company caught 2 children putting jewelry under their shirt and up their sleeve.  We are a close-knit society and we do talk.  

I try very hard to get the money to you within the first week after the sale, but it should not take more than 10 working days to make the final payment.

The base percentage is for the sale.  Due to the amount of people having sales and getting rid of unwanted items, it is getting harder to find good people to do a total cleanout of a home.  Yes, even they are getting picky.  I have to buy boxes, tape, supplies, pay personnel, take trips to the dump, etc.  It can take an extra 2-4 days to do a total clean-out in some instances.  

It is best to have ACE come and see what you have.  We can always combine estates if necessary.  Buyers will come to a full house before they will go to a half empty house.  I usually have clients who have storage units, etc that are waiting for a house to put items in.  I try to match clients with similar items for best results.